Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bow Boy

Photographer: Fritsch, Charles (?)
Estimated Date: 1890
Location: Pittston, PA

Notes: The best part of this photograph has to be that ridiculously oversized, striped bow-tie. Apparently this "style" was pretty common given that I've seen a number of young boys sporting it in a few other photos. I'm not sure what inspired this fashion trend, but it is pretty amusing. Other amazing aspects of this photo: the ruffled shirt/jacket combination, that wonderful little hat, and the very casual pose against that chair that is nearly as tall as he is. The cuteness is just too much...
I wanted to find out more about the photographer, and given that "Fritsch"isn't a very common last name, it did not take me very long to find some juicy details. The Pennsylvania genealogy website has conveniently uploaded biographies of various residents from 1893, one of whom is a Charles Fritsch - a photographer from Pittston. I'm fairly confident that Charles took this photograph. According to the bio, Charles was one of eight children, and was a "slate picker" before starting up a successful photography studio in Pittston in 1891. He married a Jessie Hollenback, had one child, and attended this methodist church in West Pittston.

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